Friend in Nagpure(India)/ Wind Blog 3

(Photo: Amit san and Rev Sasai)


The friend of Meros in the novel “Run Meros! ” (written by Osamu Dazai)

was voluntarily sacrified himself to be chained in the jail  for Meros.


That Meros, too, came back as he promised ,

did not  sacrifie his friend for him.


The king, moved by their action and  asked them

if he can  be a part of  their friendship.







(The noble “Run Meros!”)


Well, after some certain point in  the life ,

many people in general

seldom try to benefit others by abandoning their own interests.

They put their own interests first.


That’s why  so many relationships are poor

and  friends, much less the best friends,

are nothing more than a phantom adolescent dream.


But now it seems I have made a new friend,

even though we only met each other for two days.


I am hoping that we may become best friends.


Even we haven’t met each other ,

he  picked us up at the Nagpur airport (India) in the late night,

helped us to find a hotel(hotel we booked was closed….),

treated us to dinner, and even tried to pay hotel room for all of us(7 people).


I had to stop him from paying the hotel bill by holding his arms like this.








His name is  Amit san , who knows  Rev Sasai,

the supreme leader of Indian Buddhism, since he was a child.


(It was Amit san who took us to Rev. Sasai’s temple in the  next morning).


In 1956, Dr. Ambedkar who is the father of Indian Buddhism

held the first Buddhist conversion ceremony with 500,000 people.


Amit san’s grandfather joined him,

so he is the third generation of modern Buddhists in India.





(At the venue of the Buddhist  conversion ceremony)


Amita san runs a company that imports/exports steel etc,

and has been to Japan several times. He has a wife and two children,

and told us  their honeymoon was in Japan!


(His clever daughtor is called Chihaya,

which sound  like Japanese name.

Was it Rev Sasai who named her?)


Amit san is planning to create a boarding school

where poor Buddhist girls in India can study safely.


(In the country side of India,

poor discriminated girls are not safe at all. 

Even the police, the court won’t protect them)


From our  communication, 

I can feel how seriouslly  he is wisihng to create the meaningfull life

and so much caring  heart to the people.    


He has decided to register a non-profit organization

called “Earth Caravan/ India” for this project. .


When I emailed him and said,

“OK, Earth Caravan/Japan will send

$1000 to support  the registration and project.


Then  he replied, “Only give me your blessing,  that’s my humble request.”


I guess I’ll just have to go to Nagpure to hold his arms like this,


to put  money into his pocket. 🙂  (LOL)








As addition, to finance boarding  school project, 

Amit  san’s plans is to export used Japanese cars to Ghana.


If anyone knows of any companies that deal in used Japanese cars, etc.,

please contact me  by all means.  


I am asking around people,

but I myself are far away from the car business field.


So I need help!