Prime Dharma Talk

  1. Discover entity the producer of your future …
  2. Walk Toward the Light
  3. Be a master of your life (Three poison 2 /ang…
  4. Becarefull with Three Poison (1)
  5. 3 min to change your life/ 3分で人生を変える方法
  6. The Secret of Life is Here
  7. Door to pure land(heaven) is open
  8. The key to make your life happy
  9. Create bright future based on emptiness
  10. Today is your youngest day
  11. May you live the bright life
  12. All my wishes are……
  13. May you live in freedom and brightness
  14. Rebirth your Spirit
  15. Disapering ego is the teaching of Buddhsim
  16. 無我(滅我)が仏教なんだから……
  17. How to protect your life from evil spirits?
  18. The truth will give you the power to create b…
  19. The most benefit of the emptiness is…&#…
  20. How to make your life rich?