There is belief you cannot abandon, if you have been feeling pain about the world because people were not treated as they are valued

I resumed my Dharma talk.

I wrote a long summary of it.


But as  I screw-up time to time,

accidentally erased  it all !

(I know the principle that if I  lament  it

when  these kind of things  happens, 

my  luck get worse.


So deal with these things cheerfully

as nothing has happened. ^^:)


The summary is about Tao Sangha,

which I belong to,

or  should I say  I am working  for.


What  subject I have been struggling is  about ;


“How keep spiritual practice  pureness

not let as  “religion” or “hobby”

which let people stay in the

state of self love?   


Actually, this has always been my struggle ,

since the beginning.


By the way,

the concept of Tao Sangha is quite simple.


“Keep direct the light and Great Love

of the Great Spirit of the Universe

With altruistic Ki energy”


This is not only during the practice,

but also when you are around others.


It  raises one’s good fortune,

changes the world,

and even  rescue unsaved spirits.



this  requires overcoming  ego



Actually  this is a state of heart 

and a way of living.


This is not  matter of  community

of the practice.


However if one  are not

in the state of  Tao Sangha,

which requires 

keep overcoming  ego

and be in the state of giving heart,

they mix up  community and  the path.


They aren’t stand on their feet but

depend on others  in the community .


For them, whether they continue practice

or not  is depend on  

their  level of capacity of  suppressing their own ego.


As long as challenge or confrontation to their ego 

dose not over  level of  their capacity, 

They keep practicing.


But when the confrontation

is too much challenging 

they will leave.


It means their priority  is security of their  ego   

but not the state of giving heart and have good destiny,

changing the world, and rescuing  spirits.


For them practice was

not  “life itself” or “the human world”.


Because “to be in the state of giving heart

and transferencing light and  Great Love of the universe 

was not what they really wanted to do,  they say   “I’m leaving” .


They leave the practice.

going to quit the community where A, B, and C are.

That’s what I thought.


If one  are truly overcoming  ego

and attained a state of altruistic Ki .


It’s the state of existence and the way of life.

They are standing on their own feet.


They will never leave and quit.

 Whether the community  of  the  practice

 become  just “religion” or not  is, 

depends on whether people in the community 

are  standing on  their  feet  or not .


If each one stands on one’s own feet,

it doesn’t become “religion”,

It can keep its pure  spirit as original. 


However If people  are not standing on their  own feet, 

it means  they are  either  customers or  followers..


Only  the difference between  customer (hobby) 

and followers  (religion) is just the depth of devotion.


 Overcoming ego and  live based  on  the

The state of altruistic Ki 

makes yourself  and others happy.


That’s not the all.

It even changs the world

and  makes humanity happy.


Because as Helen Keller said,

That’s  way of living  is to take responsibility

for the happiness of others each other.

It’s a way of life that takes responsibility

for the happiness of others.



for me, it’s painful to see someone say,

“I’m leaving “

because  it means that the day  happiness of humanity 

became delay.


I’m sure their ancestors

and guardian devas  feel the same way.

(I think their   feeling come into my heart)


I’ll say it again.


Live life with the state of  giving 

will not only make you and others happy,

but   will change the world , makes humanity happy.


There is belief you cannot abandon,

if you have been feeling pain about the world

because people were not treated as they are valued


Prime Dharma Talk 10 min   ” Not to make spiritual path as religeon”