Infinite treasure are hidden in life, also in the world

People won’t be happy even  they are admired or looked up to.



If there are people who feel happy when they are looked up to,

they must have an inferiority complex in their subconscious.


In the deepest part of the  subconscious

there is the heart  of hell,

and   heart  of heaven, Pure Land

in all Human beings.


Basically, every being has a mind on all spiritual levels of the universe.

(Psychopaths have a slightly different spiritual form.

But that’s beside the point.)


We recognize  others

through our own subconscious projections.


Living will become easier if you understand that.

(understand  not by with your head, but as  body. sensation)


It doesn’t matter what people think of you.

No matter how people perceive you,

they are projecting their own subconscious onto you.

It’s just a projection of their own subconscious onto themselves.


If the other person is projecting the light part of themselves?



Is the other person projecting a darker part of themselves?


Depending on this,

the other person is only look you up or angry to you.


I’m basically just seeing the infinite potential in the other person.

That’s all.


By the way,

I don’t know what to do .


So many people are not  living  to

apear their internal unlimited potential.



because they don’t take action to share it with others.


There are many people who do not awaken their infinite potential

and waste their lifes.

It’s a shame.


I really wish people would realize this.

Infinite treasure are hidden in life, also in the world


You can discover it by living your life to share it with the world.

Devote your self for the world

then you will discover it!

“Let Great Love springs out from you”   Prime Darma Talk ¥.