____ Whiy I posted  “Boy standing at crematorium ”? _____ 「焼き場に立つ少年」をなぜ僕はシェアしたのか?

This photo is taken in Nagasaki after bombed .
A barefeet boy about 10 years old is standing at crematorium with dead baby brother on his back .
With straighting his back, boy is in line waiting his turn to burn his baby brother.
Photographer said , the boy’s lips was almost blood coming out for too much strongly holding his emotions.
Why is he alone for doing this? Looks like he is the only surviver in his whole family.
His grand paretns & parents, brothers & sisters, uncle & aunt, and even neibors who supposed to take care of them, all must be killed by atomic bomb.
Recently Pope Francis suggested to provide this photo in Vatican.

Photographed by :Joe O’Donnell




I posted this photo because of not anger, blame others or to show how people were suffured in the past (or present) . I wanted to to share how I praise this boy’s spirit.


He and his baby brother must be the only survivers in his whole family and neibors . ( the reason I wrote “neibors ” is because Japan in old days, neibors took care of each other as almost family, though no one seems able to take care of him) I can imagine that there were no one who could feed milk for his baby brother and baby must be dead by starvation even he didn’t get killed by atomic bomb dropped in Nagasaki.



I also can imagine how much the boy felt responsible to baby’s death . Even such a desperative situation, this boy didin’t through away his mission as the only surviver in his whole family. He came to crematorium alone with barefeet and stood on line to burn baby brother to send baby to pure land (heaven in Buddhism).



How much he felt responsible to death of his baby brother…? Blood coming out from his lips showing it . How the heart of his responsibility to complete mission as representative of his whole family ? You would know by how he is straighting his back , even no house , even no one to depend on( in his age) , even not enough food to live.

少年がどれほど、赤子の弟の死に責任を感じていたか? それは、血がにじむほど噛み締めた彼の唇からわかります。また、少年の一家の代表としての責任感は、どれほどのものだったのか? それは、住むところも、頼る人も、食べるものもない状況であるにもかかわらず、すっと伸ばした透明なその背筋から伝わってくるのです。

I praise, noble, pureness and beouty of this boy’s spirit. Even no matter how desparative the situation could be in the future , I want to be responsible to complete my mission of life as he was. No matter what name of the country it’s written in our passport , why won’t we all learn the noble, pure and beoutifull spirit of this boy through this photo? .What I wanted to share is only about that.



僕らみんなが、この1枚の写真から、ひたむきで、無垢で、圧倒的な魂(たましい)が、どれほど人の心を打つものなのか? そしてその足跡を追うように、僕らだって、美しく高貴に生きることができるのではないか?